Beyond the direct impact of our products and services, we contribute to the countries in which we operate through our tax contributions, infrastructure development, digital innovation and investment in communities through strategic CSI.

Mobile technologies and services contribute a significant amount to gross domestic product (GDP) globally and serve as an enabler of a variety of other industries.  MTN provides the foundation for a modern connected life through our extensive and resilient networks and a wide range of products and services tailored to emerging market needs. Our success is closely linked to inclusive socioeconomic growth and development within our countries of operation. As a result, we support growth through strategic CSI.

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We intend to create sustainable economic value through our core business to the benefit of our customers and society at large. To meet these objectives, we have clearly defined strategies, approaches and positions that guide us in creating value for all.

Connecting the unconnected

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We believe everyone deserves the benefits of a modern connected life...

Digital inclusion

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Fostering digital inclusion supports future economic growth...

Financial inclusion

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Over the past 10 years, mobile money has transformed the face...

Digital and financial solutions to bridge the digital divide

We are accelerating digital and financial inclusion by connecting the unconnected, we seek to bridge the digital divide through our CHASE framework addressing society’s barriers to internet and mobile adoption. We actively address key barriers such as coverage, handsets, affordability, service bundling, education and ease of access.

Technology has provided the opportunity to leapfrog traditional financial service solutions. This rapidly growing industry has accelerated financial inclusion, which is a potent enabler of socio-economic development which empowers the most vulnerable in society.

Fostering digital inclusion supports future economic growth and empowers people, including vulnerable groups such as women and youth. We are building a digital ecosystem centred around advanced messaging, local language content, expanding communities and unlocking opportunities for greater financial inclusion.

MTN enables small and medium enterprises to grow and digitally transform their businesses for the benefit of broader society. MTN’s committed to ushering these businesses into an unprecedented convergence of people, business and things. This affords these businesses the opportunity to disrupt and challenge the status quo of current business models, by driving them into a space of digital inclusion.

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