Teams Rooms Help



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How to join a meeting in Teams Rooms @ MTN

Join a meeting using one-touch join ☝️.

Invite the Teams Room into your meeting and start with one easy touch!

Join a meeting using direct guest join 🀝.

Is your meeting on Zoom or WebEX? No problem! Use direct-guest join to add the Room to your meeting.

Join a meeting using voice control with Cortana πŸ”Š.

Use your voice to start the Teams meeting using Cortana!

Join a meeting using proximity join πŸ”›.

Don’t know what room you’re in? We’ve got you, use proximity join.

Ad-hoc/unscheduled call? Start an unscheduled meeting 😯.

Found a room that you need to quickly add participants into? Use the Meet button!

How to end a meeting 🏁.


How to manage & control Teams Rooms @ MTN

Meet the room console πŸ•ΉοΈ:

An overview of the room console.

Changing Meeting layouts πŸͺŸ.

Control how the meeting attendees and presentations are displayed in the room.

Control the Teams room with your phone πŸ“±.

Control the meeting in the room from the tip of your fingers through the Teams App!

Attendance roster tracking & management πŸ“.

Need to pin, spotlight, mute or kick a participant out of the meeting?

How to use the audio & video controls πŸ”Š.

Do you need to adjust the volume of the meeting or switch the room’s camera on or off?

Interact with the meeting using the console βœ‹.

Use the console to react or comment, as you would with your own device!


How to share content & collaborate in Teams rooms @ MTN

Sharing content πŸ”—.

Need to share content in the meeting from the room? Here’s how!

Share from your mobile device using castingπŸ“±.

A convenient tool for impromptu situations!

Using the whiteboard camera πŸ–ŠοΈ.

A convenient way to include virtual members of the meeting into presentations that are happening off-screen!

Using a Surface Hub device πŸ–₯️.

A tech-centric whiteboard, making collaboration easier!

Using the digital whiteboard with companion devices πŸ“±.

Actively participate in brainstorming sessions with your own device!