The internet opens up a wonderful new world for learning, working and playing.

Sometimes though, the internet can be misused. MTN is working hard to make the internet a safe place for children. We aim to prevent people from accessing and sharing pictures, videos and other child sexual abuse content, but we need your help too.

If you see any images, videos or other information showing children being sexually abused online, report it confidentially here . It will take you less than a minute. Your action may help young victims from being further abused.

What happens when you report?

  1. You can enter your details if you would like feedback. Just so you know, this option doesn’t provide anonymity, and we’ll have your email address for a period of three months.
  2. You can also report anonymously. This means we will not have any contact details on record for you and won’t be able to tell you what happened with your report. We will still investigate as shown below.
  3. Our international partner, Internet Watch Foundation (IWF) will investigate all reports.
  4. IWF will work with country partner hotlines or international law enforcement agencies to ensure confirmed cases of child sexual abuse content on the internet are removed at source.
  5. Police agencies will investigate further and take action to prosecute criminals wherever possible.

Where we stand and what we’re doing