The internet has created a wonderful new world for learning, working and playing.

The United Nations Children’s Fund has identified that one in three internet users globally is a child. For children, digital technologies are the norm by which they connect, socialise, improve their skills and expand their horizons. Sometimes though, the internet can be misused, harming people and restricting their rights.

MTN believes that everyone deserves the benefits of modern connected life, and that all users of our products have the right to freely and safely enjoy the connectivity and solutions we offer. We expect our customers to enjoy these rights in a responsible manner. This is especially important when considering the rights of children, who are more vulnerable and depend on adults to safeguard their rights.

MTN has a zero-tolerance approach to the abuse and exploitation of children. To ensure responsible use of digital communications, we are guided in our efforts by the work of global organisations and law enforcement authorities dedicated to managing this complex matter.

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Child online position

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We are actively working to make the internet a safer place for children. We aim to prevent harm to children through the following initiatives:

  • Using IWF’s confidential reporting portal, MTN encourages customers and members of the public to safely and anonymously report online CSAM.
  • Using neutral third-party software, we will block sites hosting child sexual abuse material (CSAM) identified by Internet Watch Foundation (IWF), whose remit is to minimise the availability of online sexual abuse content.
  • We will apply our best endeavours to ensure that MTN’s third party content providers do not make CSAM available to our customers.
  • We will support the work of law enforcement authorities undertaking investigations into potential sexual abuse crimes committed against children using MTN’s platforms.
  • We will engage with regulators, social service agencies and other organisations working collaboratively to prevent access to online CSAM.
  • We will educate children, parents, guardians and carers about how to responsibly use digital technology and ensure that children stay safe online.

Where we stand and what we’re doing