13 October 2021

MTN’s main waste impacts are not deemed high impact (material). Our primary source of waste generation includes electronic and electrical waste included in our upstream and downstream supply chain (e.g. radio transmission equipment, batteries, lighting, computers, consumer devices, cellular handsets, SIM cards), followed by general waste from our offices.

MTN’s approach to electronic-waste management is influenced by our strategic position to integrate ESG as the driver of value creation for the business and our host countries. This has enhanced our environmental lens, as many of the markets we operate in have enormous potential for sustainable growth and environmental conservation. On International E-waste day, we recognise our contribution and responsibility in protecting and managing the environment.

We believe in shaping our pan-African narrative through improved and cohesive management of climate change impacts, together with our societies and other stakeholders.  Our concerted efforts to reduce, recycle, refurbish, and upcycle resulted in e-waste management programme piloted with MTN Côte d’Ivoire in 2020. Raising awareness in the management of electrical and electronic waste and rallying the Ivorians was the main goal for the programme.  It inspired both public individuals and private companies to partner with MTN Côte d’Ivoire and achieved a positive impact for this West African country.

Promusa and Carrefour joined MTN Côte d’Ivoire to collect e-waste, with agencies and shopping centres playing a pivotal role in enabling private individuals to deposit e – waste in numerous boxes distributed by MTN Côte d’Ivoire. Without the partnerships that apportioned certain areas of their properties for this initiative, 31 tonnes of successfully recycled e-waste and awareness raising would have not resulted into such environmental stewardess.

MTN’s management of e-waste includes working with specialist contractors for the disposal of e-waste in compliance with regulations of each country where we operate. This ensures that we adhere to environmentally friendly e-waste practices and reduce the health risks associated with improper e-waste disposal.