19 December 2019 | 2 minutes

Behind the Scenes: What Makes us Good Together?

Good together is more than a catch phrase at MTN; it is a belief which forms the foundation for everything we do for the people we serve. What exactly makes Africa and MTN good together? We have launched a campaign to illustrate the answer to that question, starting with a TV commercial which highlights just how unstoppable the African spirit can be when our continent’s people are connected.

Take a look at the behind-the-scenes video below to find out what went into the making of the TV commercial, and the experiences had by those involved. Our Group General Manager, Victor Rakhale, explains that this is the first global positioning campaign we’ve created in close to 10 years, showing exactly what makes us different. TBWA/Hunt Lascaris produced the commercial and their Creative Director, George Low, acknowledges that while everyone knows what MTN does as a business, it isn’t always clear what kind of good that business does. The role our business plays in Africa’s health and education is essential for the delivery of a modern connected life.  Connecting people is about more than putting technology in the hands of the African population; it is about transforming communities.

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