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MTN OneMorePush Campaign Website Disclaimers:

User Generated Content

You agree that any user generated content (the “UGC”) created and submitted as a result of interaction with the [•] campaign and this website is done voluntarily. MTN Group Limited or its partners or affiliates (together “MTN”) makes no agreement and provides no undertaking whatsoever to utilise the UGC submitted by you.  To the extent that any intellectual property rights, image rights and/or personality rights (together, the “Rights”) reside in the UGC, you agree that MTN may utilise such Rights in the UGC in any manner that MTN deems appropriate, including the rights to modify or adapt the UGC.  In order to give effect to the use Rights extended herein, you hereby grant to MTN, and MTN accepts, a perpetual, non-exclusive, royalty free, sub-licensable but non-transferable licence to use any and all Rights in the UGC in any territory, and in any medium.  You agree that no consideration is or shall become due to you in respect of the licence granted herein for use of the Rights by MTN.  You hereby waive all moral rights arising from any copyright in the UGC licensed hereunder so far as you may lawfully do so in favour of MTN, including any right to claim authorship and to object to the distortion, mutilation or other modification of the UGC.  You retain full ownership to the Rights and, outside of the licence described herein, nothing shall be interpreted to imply the assignment of any right, title or interest in your Rights to MTN.  To the extent that the Rights include your image rights or personality rights, you retain the authority to terminate the licence granted herein on 60 (sixty) days written notice to and authorised representative of MTN.

Medical / Vaccine Advice

The information provided herein (the “Information”) was obtained from reputable sources including the WHO, Africa CDC and Global Citizen, which MTN Group Limited or its partners or affiliates (together “MTN”) believes to be reliable.  Despite this, the Information remains subject to the accuracy thereof as received from third parties.  The nature of the Information means it is time sensitive and MTN cannot guarantee that elements of the Information may not be outdated, inaccurate or incomplete at the time of consumption.  Before you rely on the Information it is recommended that you first independently verify the current accuracy and completeness of the Information which should include consultation with a medical professional.  The Information does not constitute medical or other advice, claims of safety or efficacy, or any similar health claims and is provided without any warranty, express or implied, regarding its correctness, its fitness-for-purpose or any other relevant factor.  MTN does not assume responsibility and expressly disclaims liability for any direct or indirect losses, damages or expense arising out of or in any way connected with the reliance on the Information provided hereunder.

IP Disclaimer

Copyright 2021 MTN Group Limited (“MTN”). Trade marks used are owned by MTN or are used under license.  The information provided herein may be proprietary to MTN or its licensors, and should at all times be treated with an appropriate degree of care for information of this nature.  No element of this information may be reproduced, distributed or circulated without express and prior written consent from MTN.  All rights remain reserved.