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Do I have to keep up prevention measures after my vaccination?

PUBLISHED 21 June 2021
Vaccine Q&A,

For the first fourteen days after getting a vaccination, you do not have significant levels of protection, and then it increases gradually. For a single dose vaccine, immunity will generally occur two weeks after vaccination. For two-dose vaccines, both doses are needed to achieve the highest level of immunity possible. Vaccination protects you from getting seriously ill and dying from COVID-19, however, no vaccine is 100% effective.

We are still learning about the extent to which the vaccines will stop you from being infected and passing the virus on to others. Current evidence shows that vaccines provide some protection from infection and transmission, but it is less than against serious illness and death. We are also still learning about protection against variants of concern. For these reasons, and while many of those in the community may not yet be vaccinated, maintaining other prevention measures is important, especially in communities where SARS CoV-2 circulation is significant.

To help keep you and others safe, and while efforts continue to reduce transmission and ramp up vaccinations, you should continue to maintain at least a 1-metre distance from others, cover a cough or sneeze in your elbow, clean your hands frequently and wear a mask, particularly in enclosed, crowded or poorly ventilated spaces.

Always follow guidance from local authorities based on the situation and risk where you live.